Top 9 Best Fun Markets in South Africa
Guests at Hermanuspietersfontein enjoying a rare treat

South Africa is among the most developed countries in Africa, located in the southern parts of Africa and borders the Atlantic Ocean and Indian ocean. This makes it a very attractive country visited by international tourists. The markets in South Africa are so many, but tourists will always look for uniqueness in a market as they run their errands in a given country.

The markets described below are among the best markets in South Africa and no one should actually leave South Africa before visiting them.

1. Bay Habour

This busy market is located in Hout Bay, close to the former fish hub. It operates every Friday between 1700 hours and 2100 hours. Over the weekend, it operates between 0900 hours and 1600 hours. The guests enjoy on stage music by both local and international musicians, various tapped liquor types and all sorts of food, both traditional and modern South African cuisine in the restaurants and clubs within the market. Virtually, everything is traded here. From woven items, trending fashionwear, food, electronics, domestic animals, among others. Those interested in ladies can also not fail to get the number they want. This place is more than a market place.

2. 1fox shed

This extremely unique market is located in Johannesburg at a place called Ferreira’s Dorp. It operates only on Saturday, Sunday and during gazette holidays. Every Friday of the last week of each month, a funful night market is held here. The name shed is given to this market since the night market is held in traditionally woven tents, portraying ancient south African art and crafting skills. On this day, music is non stop and the musical strings rhyme with the tantalizing aroma from the fantastic cuisines. There is plenty of delicious food and all other items that the guests can dream of possessing.

3. Four ways Farmers’ Market

This is a very busy market located at the heart of Johannesburg city. It operates on Sundays between 0900 hours and 1600 hours. Most local and international citizens stream here to end their week in style. By the time it begins operating, the hotels around already have prepared a memorable full and half breakfast for the guests. The hotels tailor food to the demands of the visitors.

This is a one stop market for all the farm products like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, cheese, dried meat, baked cookies, among others.

It is also well known for jewels of various metals, depending on the customers pockets and other woven items.

4. Hermanuspietersfontein Market

This is a market located at Hermanus, close to the sea shore. It is known for various uniquely sweet tasty wines and sumptuously delicious foods, both traditionally and modernly prepared.

This market satisfies the liquor and food demands of any local or international visitor. During weekends, guests can get customized coffee, brewed to ease their appetite and various sea food like oysters.

5. Irene Village Market

Located in Irene town in Gauteng in the outskirts of Pretoria, Irene market is one of the best markets in South Africa. Right from 1989, it has been operating two times a month; on the Saturday of the first week and Saturday of the last week of a month.

All the uniquely modelled and crafted items, attractive jewels, decorated items, dogs, factory free goods, tasty south African foods are all here

6. Kamers

It is also called Makers. It occurs in cape town, Irene, Johannesburg and Stellenbosch, making it qualified to be among the largest markets in South Africa. International and local guests order their decorations, clothes, nice jewels and food at this large market. One can shop at the early hours of the day then spend later hours on live concerts, dancing, taking ancient cuisines and sipping natural liquors.

7. The Mojo Market

This is located at the sea point in cape town. Mojo market is the home for local products and talents. Caps, footwear, clothes, furniture, food, are all made and sold here at local prizes. It operates from Sunday to Sunday and has several stalls and sellers.

8. Neigbourgoods Market

Located in Johannesburg at Braamfontein and cape town at the old biscuit millers, and is famous locally and across the borders for shopping and hanging out. The stalls are modern and made to attract.

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9. The Linden Market

This market is located in Johannesburg city, just near the arboretum. It is known for gift packages of all kinds, live concerts, and very attractive goods.

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