Top Eight Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle Powder
Nettle plant leaves.

Top Eight Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle Powder

Nettle plant isn’t friendly when touched with bare hands. It has hairy structure, which elicit a thorny feeling upon contact with skin and can cause you rashes. Always use gloves in harvesting Nettle plant. Despite its stinging name, scientists have found it to be among the most beneficial plants when it comes to health. It works well for all parts of the body. It can be used both in raw state and dried state. Among the benefits of Nettle plant include;

1. Allergy Relief

Nettle plant helps much in seasons of dust, flowering of maize and beans. Many people get affected by experiencing running nose and watery eyes of which nettle powder becomes of great help. Nettle plant can be taken in capsule form, an amount of 250mg – 500mg depending on the severity of the pain is recommended. Still its raw leaves can be mashed together with food stuffs instead of taking the capsules. Another sure way is drying the Nettle plant leaves and crushing them to powder. If licked or stuffed in the nose, the allergy disappears.

2. Water Retention

Urine passage from the body keeps people to be in good health as it passes acidic substances hence purifying the body. This helps in proper kidney function, rids bloating in the body and keeps blood pressure in check. Ingestion of Nettle plant powder, either in food or as capsule equips the body with these functions. In food, a tablespoon of powder per meal is recommended.

3. Improves Digestion

Many times, we experience indigestion due to eating fatty foods, spicy foods or carbonated beverages. Use of nettle tea regularly helps in dealing with the complication, reducing constipation. Gut, being stocked with balanced bacteria, protects the body from many diseases.

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4. Body Nourishment

Nettle stinging powder has vitamins A, C, and K, alongside iron and calcium which are good for skin nourishment. The powder has a high concentration of antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals which cause cancer, heart diseases among others. It also helps in reducing stress in anemic patients as its iron contents are digestible. Use of capsules between 275mg-2g is advisable.

5. Strengthens Bones

With the vitamins, magnesium, calcium and iron in the stinging powder, bones are able to gain strength, keeping their density. Weak bones cause lameness in the body to an extent of difficulties in walking or operation in hands. Taking of nettle in tea or food will helps the body to gain the contents.

6. Treats Arthritis and Pain

Joints are the most sensitive organs in human body and whenever there’s a problem in movement, severe pains are normally experienced. Application of nettle cream on points affected by arthritis cause relief faster than using any other medication. Alternatively, one can take via tea given the vitamin E and fish oil in it which helps much in bone strength.

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7. Boosts Heart Health

The body’s main engine is the heart. If affected, the ultimate result is death. With vitamin A, C and carotene in the stinging powder, the heart is protected and stable. Also, flavonoids in it clear the risks for cardiovascular disease, leaving the heart healthy. Mostly advised, is taking tea powder from the leaves daily.

8. Reduces Adrenal Fatigue

In our daily life, stress and fatigue have replaced the norms. We easily can’t do away with them. Boiling of the nettle leaves then taking it will help relax nerves, causing recovery. A cup in the morning and evening is good for health.

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