Teachers To Begin CBC Classes In Three Weeks’ Time

TPD Points Required To Have Your Teaching License Renewed

The teachers service commission, TSC, has maintained that upon successful completion of every module, teachers will be given TPD points, transcripts and a level certificate.

Based on the total number of modules, teachers will earn a maximum of 60 TPD points at the end of each module. Teachers will also earn 40 TPD points based on professional learning captured under TPAD like CEMASTEA INSETS and others.

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According to TSC, the accumulated TPD points will be used to Renew Teaching Certificate of successful participants every 5 years that the accredited Service Providers will deliver TPD through:

Physical Face to Face learning

These will occur through workshops at Sub County level. The workshops will take 5 days during one school holiday in a year.

Online webinar

During the other two school holidays in a year, professional learning will be through an online platform for 5 days. Currently only four institutions have been accredited to offer TPD training. These are Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara University and Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI).

TPD service providers must be recognized and registered with the Commission to offer services which must address the 7 KePTS

The Commission will’ accredited various categories of TPD service providers as follows:

Category 1: Government institutions mandated to capacity teachers e.g CEMASTEA, KICD KISE, KNEC: Their TPD learning outcomes must be aligned to at least one of the seven KePTS

Category 2: Non State actors who are in partnership with the Commission e.g Edu Trust,UNICEF.

Category 3: Organizations selected through competitive tendering system. Will use the Commission’s prescribed modules with all the seven standards

Category 3 TPD Service providers will charge a fee for the services they will offer. Currently, teachers will be charged KSH 6000 per year payable directly to the TPD service provider.

More category 3 service providers will be selected competitively through a procurement process in 2023.

The Commission shall undertake continuous monitoring and evaluation of TPD programme to quality assure, offer professional support and give feedback on the training programmes.

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