Training Of Junior High School Teachers Begins On Monday

TSC July 2022 Recruitment Letters Out- How To Get Yours

The TSC letters of recruitment for the all the successful candidates who were recruited during the July 2022 recruitment and replacement interviews are already out, as assured by the TSC CEO Nancy Macharia. Among the successful candidates were newly recruited primary school teachers and secondary school teachers and  teachers recruited to replace those who left service due to natural attrition. These Succesful candidates were expected to report in their stations by 1st September 2022. However, sources have indicated that due to some challenges, the commission will be issuing the appointment letters in bits, but all newly appointed teachers will have reported to their new stations by January 2022.

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A good number of newly recruited teachers from various counties have received their letters. According to a statement by Macharia, all the successful applicants will receive their letters by end of next week. However, sources from TSC revealed that the letters of most of the new teachers are already at their county offices.

Newly recruited secondary school teachers have been deployed in the schools where they won the interviews. Most Newly recruited primary school teachers have been deployed within their home counties, unlike in the past, where they were being deployed outside the counties they applied in. To obtain their letters, the newly recruited primary school teachers should confirm their counties of employment at their TSC county directors’ offices, after which they should head to the TSC county director’s office in the counties where they have been employed to get deployed and receive their letters. It is only after being assigned to a school that the newly recruited primary school teachers will receive their recruitment letters.

Newly recruited Secondary school teachers who have not received their letters should check with postal addresses they indicated in their recruitment forms or with the schools where they were employed. If the letters are not their then they should check with the county director of education in the counties where they were employed.

The duties and responsibilities of the newly recruited and promoted teachers shall be guided by the provisions of the teachers service commission act (2012), code of regulation for teachers (2015), code of conduct and ethics for teachers (2015), career progression guidelines for teachers (2018) and any other legislative instruments, policies and administrative circulars issued by the commission from time to time.

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