TSC July Recruitment 2021 Interview Schedules-Dates and Venues Per county

TSC Recruitment 2021-Dates and Venues Per county

Various counties have started releasing their interview schedules for the july TSC recruitment, replacement and deployment interviews. According to the roadmap, the interviews are expected to begin after 20th july 2021.

Below are some of the schedules we have received so far. Our team will be working tirelessly to post the JULY 2021 interview schedule for each county once received.

As you prepare to attend the intervies, please do not forget to organise all your your certificates and transcripts in order, including the TSC number certificate. You can also boost your confidence levels by rehearsing some of the interview questions you are most likely to expect by clicking here.

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  1. Kakamega county Interview schedule, Dates and venues per sub county
Sub-county Date Venue
Kakamega central 22-7-2021 Bishop sulumeti girls
Mumia east 22-7-2021 Shitoto girls
Khwisero 22-7-2021 Kwhisero girls
Kakamega south 22-7-2021 Musoli girls
Kakamega east 22-7-2021 Mukumu girls
lugari 22-7-2021 St. likes lumakanda boys
Matungu 22-7-2021 Koyonzo boys
Kakamega north 22-7-2021 Malava girls
matete 23-7-2021 Lukhokho girls
Navokholo 23-7-2021 navokholo boys
Butere 23-7-2021 Butere girls
Likuyani 23-7-2021 Nangili girls
Mumias 23-7-2021 St. peters mumias boys

Keep posted for more counties…..

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