TSC Promotions Discriminate Teachers in County and Sub-county Schools: Teachers

TSC Promotions Discriminate Teachers in County and Sub-county Schools: Teachers

Some Teachers now claim that the scoring matrix and tools used by the teachers service commission, TSC, disadvantage a section of teachers by emphasizing more on their students’ performance rather than their individual qualifications.

According to teachers, the score sheet favours tutors in extra-county and national schools, who usually perform well.

The teachers, who reside in homa-bay county, on Wednesday faulted the Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs) and the Teachers Performance Appraisal Development (TPADS) for placing premium on the category of schools where the applicants serve and their performance.

“It is obvious that county and sub-county schools cannot compete fairly with the well-established ones. A glaring difference between the two categories of schools is in the entry qualifications for their form ones intakes,” said one of the teachers who sought anonymity.

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The teachers feel that all teachers should be allowed to compete fairly regardless of the performance of their schools. They claim that interviews should only be based on the academic qualification of teachers and their competencies.

Introduced in 2018, the CPGs have been used in promotions, a position which was strongly opposed by the then Kenya National Union of Teachers Wilson Sossion, who has distanced himself from the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement that KUPPET signed with TSC. Knut members were left out of promotions till a new TSC-KNUT recognition agreement was signed.

The scoring in the interviews is based on the teacher’s performance, the school mean grade in both school-based and national examinations, among other key indicators.

The commission has advertised over 2000 vacancies for the positions of Deputy Principal I, Deputy Principal II, Senior lecturers, Deputy Principal II, Curriculum Support Officers, Head Teachers, Senior Master IV, Deputy Head Teacher II, Senior lecturer IV and senior Master IV.

To qualify for the promotions, applicants must have served in the previous job group for a minimum of three years and those applying for the Deputy Principal I were required to have served as Deputy Principal II or as senior master 1.

Those seeking Deputy Principal II positions must have served as Deputy Principal III or Senior Masters II for a period of not less than three years.  Senior lecturer I must have served as senior lecturer II for a minimum of three years while those seeking for Deputy Principal III must have served as Senior Masters III for not less than three years

The teachers must also hold a Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Science or Arts degree plus a graduate diploma in Education.

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