Basic Salary Scales of TSC Senior Principals (T-scale 14) and How To Become One

TSC Releases Appointment Letters to the First Batch of 13,713 Promoted Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has started releasing appointment letters to the successful applicants of the13,713 promotional vacancies advertised by the Commission in January 2023.

A number of TSC County Directors and Sub- County Directors have confirmed that the letters are already out and that those promoted to the positions of principal will be the first ones to receive the letters followed by deputies.

They confirmed that in the next two weeks, from June 5,2023, all the letters will have been released to successful applicants.

In January this year, the Commission re-advertised 13,713 promotional vacancies for both primary and secondary school teachers with January 31,2023 being the deadline of application.

The Commission set aside 10,507 vacancies for headteachers and deputy headteachers which included 2,733 posts of headteachers at T-scale 10 in regular primary schools and 32 posts for Special Needs Education (SNE).

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Deputy Headteacher ll at T-scale 9 in regular primary schools had 7,720 posts while SNE primary schools were allocated 22 posts.

This cadre of teachers will receive a minimum of Ksh62,272 to a maximum of Ksh77,840 at T-scale 10 Grade C5 and a minimum of Ksh52,308 to a maximum of Ksh65,385 at T-scale 9 Grade C4.

In secondary schools, the Commission declared 3,206 vacancies with Chief Principals at T-scale 15 in regular secondary schools being allocated 73 posts and their counterparts in SNE secondary schools having 4 slots.

602 positions were allocated to Principals at T-scale 13 with SNE secondary schools being allocated 8 posts, Deputy Principal l at T-scale 13had 17 posts while Deputy Principal ll at T-scale 12 were allocated 725 vacancies

This group will be taking home a minimum of Ksh131,380 to a maximum of Ksh157,656 for Chief Principals, a minimum of Ksh104,644 to a maximum of Ksh125,573 for those who will be Principals and Deputy Principal I and a minimum of Ksh91,041 to a maximum of Ksh109,249 for those who will be appointed to be Deputy Principals ll.

Deputy Principal Ill at T-scale 11 in regular secondary schools were given 244 vacancies while those in SNE secondary schools had 15 posts. Another 208 slots were allocated to Senior Master at T-scale 11 and 1,330 posts to the position of Secondary Teacher I at T-scale 8.

The entry monthly salaries Deputy Principal Ill and Senior Master will be Ksh77,840 on the lowest to Ksh93,408 on the highest. However, Secondary Teacher I Grade C3 will have a minimum salary of Ksh43,154 to a maximum of Ksh53,943.

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