Training Of Junior High School Teachers Begins On Monday

TSC To Lose Hiring Costs of TVET tutors To PSC In New Proposal

Members of Parliament have staged a proposal that will see hiring TVET staff completely withdrawn from the Teachers Service Commission.

Policy resolutions relating to the annual budgets dictate that this new proposal should be implemented before the financial year 2022/2023.

“That the National Treasury transfers resources on administrative costs related to the program, ‘Human Resource Management on TVETS’,” reads the policy.

If the proposal goes through, the costs will be transferred to the Public Service Commission which will now bear the cost of hiring TVET tutors. PSC has been in charge of recruiting TVET staff for the last four years.

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The proposal is determined to ensure that no allocation of hiring TVET tutors comes to TSC since not all benefits were completely transferred.

According to the proposal, TSC will only receive a budget allocation for hiring teachers and interns.

In 2018, the education ministry transferred teachers in TVET institutions from TSC’s payroll to the Public Service Commission.

Former Education CS Amina Mohamed said the ministry had already forwarded data of trainers in all the 138 TVETs institutions to PSC to effect the transfer.

Technical colleges were asked to review their fees downwards by between 30 and 50 per cent to increase the student population in those institutions.

Once put on the PSC payroll, TVET tutors have been enjoying different terms of service different from the ones they work under together with their colleagues in primary and secondary schools.

The plan saw more than 2,000 new TVET trainers recruited to cater for the current shortfall.

The enrollments were also meant to cater for new TVET institutions that were under construction.

According to the final budget estimates for the financial year 2022/2023, TSC will be allocated Sh298bn.

This includes Sh289bn for teacher resource management, Sh7.2bn for general administration and another Sh1.2bn for governance standards.

In this year’s budget, TSC was allocated Sh2.5 billion to recruit more teachers and Sh1.2 billion to train them in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Further, TSC received Sh294.7 billion, half of which will go into teacher remuneration.

According to TSC, Sh2.5 billion is sufficient to hire 5,000 teachers.

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