All Registered Teachers to Update Their Online Teacher Profiles

All Registered Teachers to Update Their Online Teacher Profiles

The teachers service commission, TSC, is expecting all registered teachers to update their teacher profiles online.

The link for updating of teacher profile, which has not been in the portal since creation, has been added and teachers will be expected to respond positively towards it, by adding information that they never gave during registration or confirming if the information that is already there is legitimate.

Initially, there were controversies as to whether the profiles should be updated or not since TSC just just put a link for the update but never communicated. However, TSC has confirmed through a circular that all registered teachers should update their online teacher profiles.

Teacher profiles, as created during registration, have never been updated by individual teachers and this will give them an opportunity to add or remove some information from their profiles.

The deadline for the process is 30th November 2021.

All registered teachers, including interns the ones serving under board, are expected to take part in this exercise.

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To update your TSC teacher profile, click here and follow the procedure given.

You require the following items to make the process continuous.

  1. ID or Passport in pdf
  2. KRA PIN Certificate in pdf.
  3. Passport Photo- (All in one pdf)
  4. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in pdf
  5. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in pdf
  6. Your Certificate from Tertiary Institution; Diploma, Degree or PGDE in pdf
  7. Transcripts- (All in one pdf)
  8. An Affidavit (in case there is a mismatch of your names in your documents). in pdf.

You also need to have the details below

S/N Basic Detail
1 ID No/Passport
2 Other Name (Optional)
3 First Name
4 surname
5 Kra Pin
6 Religion
7 Date of Birth
8 Gender
9 Mobile Number
10 Nationality
11 Home County
12 Home Sub county
13 Division
14 Zone
15 Constituency
16 Constituency
17 Impairment type
18 Permanent Post Address
19 Permanent Post Code
20 Permanent Town
21 Current Post Address
22 Current Post Code
23 Current Town


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