Victoria Rubadiri’s Biography-Age, Education, Career and Relationship

Perusing through Rubadiri’s birth history it maybe said she is a Maasai by tribe, who was born in Kenya in the year 1987. She commenced her learning in Kenya then continued in the United States of America on her parents’ relocation when she was ten years of age. Victoria grew up with amiable personality attracting many to it. She has a younger sister, with whom they are almost alike.

Victoria Rubadiri Education

Victoria’s anchoring talents tell it all how educated and enlightened she is. This makes her cut above the rest of TV anchors in the country. She attained her two degrees in Art and Broadcast Journalism while still in states at Atlantic City High School in the year 2003 and at Temple University 2009 respectively.

Victoria Rubadiri Career

Victoria having much focus on her studies, she worked hard towards her career development as news anchor starting to practice through internship the year 2007 where she also managed emerging as an assignment desk editor at a TV station while still in States. With passion in her profession, she grew interest in writing evening news notes along a field news reporter. Due to her hard working she secured a job with Angela Crockett the year 2008. She was assigned writing proposals, press, and official letters.

Vicky later moved to Capital TV Channel as a news presenter relocating to  Kenya where she started working as business journalist and news reporter for Capital FM in the year 2012 due to her popularity. With much focus, she put in operation her own show known as Victoria’s Lounge managing it on her own. Her show is one of the most famous.

Victoria Rubadiri Relationship

Victoria never found pleasure in going to party with her age mates other than sharing with True Love Magazine writer. She learned watching her space ever since being heartbroken by her daughter’s daddy who never wanted anything to do with her nor the kid after pregnancy.

Her pregnancy came upon their movement to United States of America where she knew nobody, hence causing harm to her social life. She come across a man, she thought would confide to but ended up being pregnant at a tender age. Vicky contemplated on terminating the pregnancy but on her father’s realization she changed her plans.

To the baby’s papa, it was as if Vicky and her child never existed. Victoria moved back in the country with her baby so as to get her a better living the year 2010. Though later her husband resurfaced offering full support, Vicky called the relationship off, only remaining with the link of baby daddy. Through tough experience, Vicky gained skills of mentoring those thinking having a kid at tender age can stop one’s dream, meaning there is always life after a downfall to those who purpose.

These have caused Vicky lay her principles on the prospective man of her life, where the man has to have cognitive intelligence. Somebody who truly knows what he wants in life and can tirelessly strive for it. A man with emotional intelligence. A man they share same faith, coupled with salvation and proper culture.

Besides Rubadiri’s busy schedule, she spares sometime for her daughter traveling with her to places and providing her maximum motherly love.

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