We Are Hunting For The Sex Pests And None Will Go Scotfree: Kipsang

Basic education PS Belio Kipsang, has assured parents that the government will continue cracking down on men who impregnate schoolgirls, and ensure all teenagers access education.

Speaking during an inspection tour of Moi Girls’ High School in Eldoret, the PS regretted that the country had registered a higher number of teen pregnancies than any other year, blaming it on the school closures occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“We will not allow the culprits to go scotfree and they messed our girls. The Children Act is very clear about this matter and we are going for them because they have not attained the age of consent,” said PS Kipsang.

It has been revealed however that the matter is very complicated since majority of the schoolgirls were impregnated by their agemates, making it hard to take a legal action against the culprits.

Kipsang revealed that the government has a re-integration programme to allow the school girls to continue with their studies, despite being expectant, or having delivered.” But even as they continue being in school, the government will be tracking those responsible for the pregnancies, and none of them will escape punishment,” stressed the PS.

Across the country, turn out rate for girls has dropped seriously, as per the reports obtained from various schools. Some have delivered while others are expectant and fear coming to school in such conditions. Worse of all is that some of those expectant are currently cohabiting with those responsible for the pregnancies, and are not planning to ever go back to school.

The government has launched a nationwide crackdown for the expectant teenage girls and those responsible for the pregnancies.

Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago, joined Kipsang in demanding for punishment to those responsible for the teen pregnancies. More than 20 per cent of girls in Uasin Gishu county have not reported back to school.


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