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We Were Taken For a Ride, TPD Trainees Complain, Citing Frustrations

The teacher professional development training which started this week has not been doing well, with majority of teachers who enrolled caught denied access to the training links despite paying for the programme.

Mount Kenya University started the online training on December 27 while Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) started theirs on December 28.

Arguing from the post training reactions of the few teachers who attended the training, the training has somehow been rough with some teachers who paid for the training but have been struggling to get the links that would direct them to the training site.

“Am so frustrated. Cannot login I feel like quitting MKU I have tried to reset password with no response via email. Sms says reset successfully yet can’t login,” recounts one of the teachers who enrolled.

Rejoining the class after accidentally quitting has also not been a ride, with the system demanding for a reset of their passwords.

“Hello, anyone who got the link to TPD class to share please,”

“Share the link for login in. I have same login problem on my side,”

“I am not getting on the track. Help.”

“This is a Very frustrating programme. I am unable to reset password to rejoin class,” complained another teacher. These sentiments have been echoed by another teachers, who describes the entire process as frustrations in the chat section of one of the zoom lessons. “Frustrations tupu,” quipped the teacher through a chat.

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“Is the TPD training on? and if it is so, where is the link?” asked another teacher in a Whatsapp group created by one of the contracted institutions.

“What will I do to recover yesterday’s lessons woye,” cried another teacher who had struggled the previous day to access the training but failed.

The trainees have also complained of redundancy, arguing that the lessons could not take off from the introduction and that the trainers kept revolving around the introduction.

“Has anyone received any other lesson apart from the introduction these guys have been repeating since morning? I feel MKU is taking us for a ride,” complained a deputy principal in another WhatsApp group.

“I paid Kenyatta university sh. 3,000 but now I don’t know where to start. No link and no communication. am confused,” complained another teacher.

Some teachers have protested the move by Mount Kenya which initially allowed sh. 1,000 for registration and the rest payable in installments for twelve months.

The registration fee has since been revised upward. Teachers now pay sh. 2,000 as registration fee.

However, Riara university allows teachers to pay sh. 500 for registration and the rest spread for twelve months.

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