What To Do When Your TPAD 2 Is Stuck at 98% Or 99 %

What To Do When Your TPAD 2 Is Stuck at 98% Or 99 %

The Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC, has introduced a new Teacher Performance Appraisal and development system (TPAD2), to replace the old TPAD. TPAD 2 is strictly online and has only five teaching standards, unlike the old one which had seven teaching standards.

Filling TPAD 2 is quite hectic since other activities have been introduced. Click here to read how to fill TPAD 2, or how to register for TPAD account.

Most teachers get stuck at 99% or 98 % while filling their TPAD 2.The most worrying part is that if you try viewing or submitting, you are told to complete filling all the fields. This is a very small issue that should never worry you. If you are a victim, then simply follow the guide below promptly to make your TPAD 2 appraisal read 100 %.

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How to make TPAD 2 go past 99 %
  • Log into your TPAD 2 account using your TSC number, ID number and password.
  • Choose the appraisal that you want to edit, mostly written ‘incomplete appraisal.’
  • Book a lesson observation. Read the lesson observation booking procedure here.
  • After being observed, scan the lesson observation sheet using a scanner or a cam scanner in your phone.
  • Upload the scanned lesson observation sheet under professional knowledge and practice in the teaching standards.
  • Get a filled lesson attendance sheet for one week, scan it and upload it.
  • Inform your deputy to update your lesson attendance.
  • Confirm your lesson attendance and click view / submit.
  • You TPAD 2 will read 100 %, awaiting appraisal
  • Inform your deputy to appraise you as a counter signing officer. Upon the appraisal, your TPAD 2 will read complete and countersigned.

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