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Why TSC May Renew Internship contracts With current interns

The Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC, has advertised 6,674 internship posts and invited qualified applicants to apply online. Among the 6,674 internship posts, 4,676 are for secondary schools while 1998 are for primary schools. The internship programme will last one year, beginning January 2021.

To be eligible for application, an applicant must:

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Be a registered teacher with TSC.
  • Be a P1 Certificate holder for primary schools or a minimum of a diploma in education holder for secondary schools.
  • Have original academic and professional certificates
  • Must not have been a previous employee of TSC
  • Must not have served as an intern teacher with TSC
  • Must be ready to be posted in any school in any part of Kenya
  • Must have a personal accident insurance cover

This year, the stipend has increased from ksh. 10,000- ksh. 15,000 and ksh. 15,000-ksh. 20,000 in primary and secondary schools respectively.

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Current interns however have been barred from taking part in the ongoing internship applications. Reliable sources have revealed very high likelihoods that TSC may renew the internship contracts that it signed with current interns in December 2019. The sources give the following as some of the reasons why the contracts may be renewed:

  • Some TSC county directors have revealed their internship recruitment roadmaps. In the schedules, continuing interns are required to report to their current stations on the opening date, while the newly recruited ones will report a week later. Reporting on a day other than the opening date means that the current interns are not going to clear from their current stations when December ends. Sources have it that upon reporting in January, they will sign new casualties and continue discharging their duties.
  • No one has told the continuing interns to start clearing from their stations yet their contracts are ‘coming to an end.’
  • The teachers’ service commission planned to hire 12,000 teacher interns yet has only advertised 6,674 internship posts. That deficit is too huge to be assumed. The balance maybe interns who never secured a job in the previous TSC recruitment, and TSC is therefore hesitant to advertise their chances.
  • The next two years will be the most tedious years in Kenyan schools since; there will be a crush programme to complete 2020 syllabus and most teachers aged 58 years and above & those with pre existing health conditions will be working from home. TSC needs a very huge work force and therefore cannot afford to lose the current interns.
  • A good employer appreciates its employees at the end of the agreed contract. May be the teachers service commission is planning to appreciate the continuing interns for the good job they have done in their respective work stations by awarding them another contract, and this time with a higher stipend.
  • Most competent employers provide room for renewal of contracts at the end of the agreed contract period. TSC is not an incompetent employer and will give the continuing interns that room.

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