‘You Are Contributing Very Little In Light Of Covid-19,’ Magoha Bashes Kenyan Professors to Uasin Gishu CDE immediately Or Get Fired, KUPPET

‘You Are Contributing Very Little In Light Of Covid-19,’ Magoha Bashes Kenyan Professors

Education cabinet secretary, Professor George Magoha, has done it again. This time, he has bashed professors and scholars for their negligible contribution on innovative research that can help solve the covid-19 pandemic.

Magoha could not hide his disappointment at the Kenyan scholars, who have not put any effort in getting simple solutions to challenges of covid-19.

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“Why are you not researching and giving Kenyans information on covid-19? Why can’t someone even research on why Kenyans are not wearing masks properly and give a solution to that,” Magoha questioned the scholars.

The CS accused the scholars of keeping critical information that is needed now, to themselves yet they spend so much time preparing documents for publishing in international journals.

“It is good to publish, but can you also give out quick findings and information that can help Kenyans now? Where are you? Why are we not hearing you, even in vernacular?” he asked.

In what appeared like criticism, Magoha mocked Kenyan universities and institutions of research for being theoretically perfect in everything, but nil implementation.

“We get everything correct theoretically. But when we measure the effects of what has been done, it is zero, “said Magoha.

Magoha expressed these concerns during the opening ceremony of an ongoing conference on the importance of coordinated approach in combating corona virus.

He urged universities to stop blaming their failures in taking lead in finding innovative solutions to our problems on lack of funds. Universities should not rely on government funding to research.

“If you have been waiting for the government to allocate 2% GDP towards research for you to start doing something, then that is stupid,” Magoha added.

He told scholars to get money to fund their research for themselves. He expressed regrets that improper coordinated research has resulted to mass manufacture of below standard items, hand sanitizers not spared.

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