Magoha’s Sacking Is in Process: What It Means for a CS to Be Demoted

Magoha’s Sacking Is in Process: What It Means for a CS to Be Demoted

Education CS George Magoha has lost his human resource functions in the ministry to his junior, Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, just because he has been humiliating junior officers like education officers and teachers. This appears to be a phased approach to completely boot Magoha  out of the sensitive docket. According to analysts, Belio Kipsang is being nurtured to take over from Magoha since he appears to be quite human sensitive and can deal well with people.

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These changes were made in a tough circular that was made public by the Public Service Commission (PSC). For the first time, a Cabinet secretary has been demoted.  PSC took this step without direct reference the president. The president has been mum about it since he might have met the PSC before to discuss what to with the CS.

Magoha’s troubles may have been magnified by his habit of invoking the President’s name in almost all his pronouncements. Analysts argue the president do feel offended but try to control his anger, especially when he directs Magoha to perform some roles and the latter kicks the ball back to him.

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“The commission has withdrawn its powers and functions from Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha and delegated the said powers to PS Belio Kipsang with immediate effect,” read the PSC circular.

Cabinet Secretaries, as Chief Executive Officers of Ministries and State Departments, are designated as “Authorized Officers” exercising delegated powers and functions of PSC in the management of the human resource under their purview.

Since his appointment, Magoha has not only performed below expectations but has also exposed some level of arrogance, coupled with inhumanity. All these have made him loose even the few people that praised and admired him before.

He has been doing some things that leave people questioning his emotional quotient.

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Recently, the CS insulted and expelled an official from his meeting. “Nikisema wewe ni mjinga ni uwongo (If I said you are foolish would I be lying?),” Magoha said, before expelling the official from his meeting. Afterwards, he ordered teachers to clean the school.

A few days before the incident,  Magoha had reconstituted councils of public universities. Later after the incident, he overturned KUCCPS board decision to appoint an acting CEO. He sent the current KUCCPS CEO on compulsory leave of 38 days and appointed another one on acting capacity.

Earlier this year, Magoha found himself in a row with the University of Nairobi, relating to an appointment of a Vice Chancellor.

He showed the most shocking management record with regards to Covid-19 crisis. He flip-flopped on re-opening of schools, several times invoking the orders of the president on what squarely falls under his docket.

Severally, he has given very contradicting statements concerning school reopening, making parents and learners more troubled.

The move by PSC to demote Magoha shocked everyone “Since when did PSC demote a CS… total confusion!” a top education official questioned.

What the demotion means to Magoha

Magoha no longer has direct powers over his staff. Under the Constitution, the Cabinet secretary is the authorizing officer of the ministry. With the directive however, he will not have a say on the labourers in the ministry and even teachers in schools. He will no longer make decisions on the fate of all staff under his ministry.

“It is expected that such authorized persons act in a manner that is consistent with provisions of the Constitution,” said Kirogo as he handed over the human resource mantle to kipsang.

Magoha will nolonger hire and fire employees in the ministry, from the national level to the sub county levels.

He has been appointing various task forces in the ministry, a role that now lies with Kipsang.

Magoha will only issue term dates and manage policies and infrastructure within the ministry, but not people. People are so special and cannot be handled by verbally careless and irrational persons.

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