Ongoing Talks Between SRC and TSC Over 2021-2025 CBA Near a Conclusion

Recommendations of TSC concerning Teacher education Employment Qualifications At All Education levels

  • That the minimum qualification for entry into teaching in Kenya at all levels be a Diploma in Education.
  • Admission into the ALL Diplomas and Degrees in teacher Education Courses shall be Demand Driven
  • That the Diploma in Education courses for CBC students at each level shall be Three years after 844 and senior school since they will have had time for specialization in the content areas.

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Proposed New Entry Qualifications for teacher education For CBC

  • There is need to have pathways for teacher education at Diploma level (ECDE, Junior and Senior Secondary, SNE)
  • That there is a Diploma in Secondary Education which will cater for defined learning areas/Subjects required in Junior and Senior Secondary level which have shortages
  • All the 8-4-4 and CBC students must undertake first the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Courses for a period 3 years majoring on the key subjects and thereafter undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Education for a period of one year for teaching at Junior and Senior school and SNE .
  • That there shall be a Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education to cater for Teacher Education learning areas. This will be for preparing Teacher Educators who will be training the preservice Teachers at the Teacher training colleges.
  • That there shall be a minimum of One – School Term Practicum at all levels of Teacher Education, assessed by external examiners.
  • That the in-service teachers and qualified – registered teachers outside employment be inducted and certified to offer the Competency Based Curriculum.
  • That a Curriculum for Teacher Educators (Trainers) be developed by KICD and TSC in collaboration with Universities and CUE that shall gradually form a basis for employment of (appointment of) Teacher Educators.
  • That Assessment at Teacher Education level shall be a balance of the Formative and Summative.
  • There shall be a need to develop a Kenya Teacher Education Policy to anchor all the proposals in this document.
  • There is need for TSC to set up Institute of Teacher Support and professional development
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (PP1&PP2)
  • Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (Grade 1-6 )
  • Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (Junior (7-9) and Senior (10-12) Secondary Level)
  • BA/BSC with Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Junior and Senior Secondary, SNE)
  • BA/BSC with Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education (Teacher Educator)
  • Diploma in Special Needs Teacher Education (Specialized Curriculum areas-  Autism, Deaf, blind, multiple disabilities and Multiple cerebral palsy for foundation, intermediate, Pre-vocational and vocational levels)
  • Diploma in Technical Teacher Education (Appropriate Technical subjects in Junior and Senior Secondary).

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