Siaya KMTC Branch -History, Location, Administration, Intake and Contacts
KMTC siaya campus gate.

Siaya KMTC Branch Location

The KMTC branch in Siaya town, popularly known as Siaya KMTC Branch is established in Siaya County. Siaya KMTC Branch is just along the hospital road in Siaya town, near Siaya county referral hospital. This is precisely 70 km from Kisumu city. It is at this hospital that the Siaya KMTC Branch students do their practical lessons.

Siaya KMTC Branch establishment

Siaya KMTC Branch was established in the year 2005 with only 66 students and one Department, the department Clinical Medicine. All the 66 Siaya KMTC Branch students were pursuing diploma in clinical medicine.

The following year, Siaya KMTC Branch introduced diploma in community health nursing and admitted 50 more students.

Two years later, Siaya KMTC Branch introduced certificate in Health Records and Information Technology and admitted even more students in its certificate programme.

In 2011, Diploma in Nursing class was introduced and the first class was admitted. Siaya KMTC Branch therefore had 2 classes of nursing in that year. In the same year, Siaya KMTC Branch started a Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology.

Currently, the total population of students is 934.

Siaya KMTC Branch Current Programmes

  • Diploma programme in Clinical Medicine
  • Diploma programme in Community Health Nursing
  • Diploma programme in Health Records Pre-Service
  • Diploma programme in Health Records In-Service
  • Certificate programme in Health Records

Siaya KMTC Branch Facilities

  • A spacious Administration block
  • A reliable Internet connectivity.
  • A properly furnished and well equipped Library
  • A modern Computer lab.
  • Adequate Classrooms
  • An open Skills lab
  • A fun-filled Student center
  • A spacious common room
  • A powerful standby generator to ensure continuous power supply during power blackouts
  • A stand by bore hole to ensure continuous water supply in cases of dry taps.
  •  A modern hostel block for students’ accommodation.

Siaya KMTC Branch Clinical experience institutions

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Siaya KMTC Branch students undertake most of their clinical experiences at the Siaya county referral hospital, located just a walking distance from the campus. Rural clinical experiences are undertaken in the community health centres within the county and in the neighboring counties.

Siaya KMTC Branch Clubs, societies and sports

Siaya KMTC Branch has many clubs that engage the students positively outside the classroom.

  • Siaya KMTC Branch Seventh Day Adventist
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Christian Union
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Young Catholic Students
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Muslim Association
  • Siaya KMTC Branch President’s Award

Siaya KMTC Branch Sports and teams

Siaya KMTC Branch has spacious and well-furnished pitches and courts for a good number of games. Currently, the campus has the following teams.

  • Siaya KMTC Branch Football team for both male and female
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Netball team
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Volleyball teams, both men and ladies
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Basketball teams, both men and women
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Handball teams for both men and women.
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Hockey team for both men and women
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Rugby team
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Badminton team for both men and women
  • Siaya KMTC Branch Lawn tennis team
  • Siaya KMTC Branch indoor games teams: taekwondo, scrabble draughts, darts, chase, table tennis among others.

Siaya KMTC Branch contact details:

  Postal address.   

The Principal

KMTC Siaya Campus

P.O. Box 465 – 40600, Siaya.

Telephone numbers: +25471577708/ +254722953756/ +254720382071/ +254734799803

Email: [email protected]

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