How To Apply For TSC Inter-County Transfers And Succeed Without Hustle

How To Apply For TSC Inter-County Transfers And Succeed Without Hustle

Ever sought a transfer in vain and gave up? This article just came in time to fulfill your quest for your dream station. Getting a TSC transfer, especially outside your county of duty, has never been a walk in the park. Not all teachers are comfortable with the environments where they are stationed to execute their duties. Some of the reasons that may compel a teacher to seek transfer include:

  • Filial separation, which in most cases stir mistrust in marriages and absenteeism in parenting
  • Transfer on grounds of illness must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from a qualified physician.
  • Ill dependants, who have no one to take care of, except the teacher seeking transfer.
  • Being unable to monitor projects at home due to long distances
  • Difficulty in adapting to a particular environment.
  • Overstay in a particular school
  • Inability to achieve good results in the current school due to inevitable circumstances

To apply for a TCS transfer, a teacher must follow the procedure below promptly.

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  • Download the transfer from by clicking here.
  • Print 3 copies of the transfer form
  • Fill all the relevant sections of the three transfer forms neatly and completely. In the space for school where you want to transfer to, fill at least five schools clearly. Most teachers do write only one school, a move that limits them in case their subject combinations have no chance in that school. Many schools increase your chances of success.
  • Under the section for reasons for transfer, ensure you write a valid reason. Some of the reasons stated above are very valid.
  • Take the three transfer forms to your head for signing. Convince your head to write, “Transfer with a possible replacement if available in future.” What he writes is what the county director will recommend.
  • Take the three transfer forms to the county director/ staffing officer for signing
  • Leave one of the forms with the county director, send another one to the staffing officer, Teachers’ Service Commission, and submit another one to your current head. Ensure you photocopy it before submission.
  • After a month (even before getting acknowledgement) start tracking your form in person at the TSC headquarters. Each time you go there, carry the photocopy of the transfer form and ensure you see the staffing officer in charge of your county at the headquarters.

Kindly note the following:

  • No teacher shall move from one station to another before he/she receives a letter of transfer from the Commission/TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.
  • A teacher’s transfer request may not be considered until he/she has served in a station         he/she is assigned to teach for a period not less than five years, except under conditions             specified in regulation 27 (2) of the Code of Regulations for Teachers.
  • Transfer requests are normally considered in the month of October.

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