TSC Sacks And Deregisters 50 Teachers Due To Gross Misconduct-See List

P1 Graduates To Remain Jobless As TSC Reveals Plans To Recruit Only High School Teachers

The government has plans to employ 15000 secondary school teachers in 3 phases of 5000 teachers each in the next three years.

However, the teachers service commission, TSC has confirmed that it has no plans to recruit primary school teachers, a confirmation that has thrown the fate of thousands of unemployed P1 teachers into uncertainty.

In its efforts to fill staffing gaps in schools, TSC will also engage the services of 5,500 intern teachers annually for the next three years in a one-year contract.

The details of all these plans are contained in the programme-based budget 2021 estimates, which also confirms TSC as one of the largest beneficiaries of funding from the exchequer.

The exchequer has allocated TSC KSH. 281.7 billion for the 2021/2022 financial year, up from ksh. 266b in the last financial year.

Over the years, TSC has been struggling to sort staffing shortages, and that wont end even with the recruitment of teachers. Most of the money received by TSC is channeled towards staffing.

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As TSC is planning to recruit 5000 teachers and 3, 500 interns in secondary school each year for the next three years, primary schools will not expect any additional teachers since TSC argues that the phasing out of 8-4-4 will reduce workloads in primary schools significantly. Primary schools will only be entitled to 2000 interns per year. Since the government is also doing away with P1 certificate, unemployed P1 teachers have a lot of uncertainties.

For tertiary institutions, only 67 tutors will be hired in 2021/2022 financial year and another 68 in the next financial year.

It raises concerns that in the budget proposal, TSC does not refer to any details of a payment deal with teachers. TSC claims that the teachers’ unions have not engaged it for a new collective bargaining agreement, despite the 31st June expiry of the current CBA.

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