Top 10 best but cheapest driving schools in Nairobi county
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Whether you are aspiring to earn from driving or not, knowledge in driving has become one of the most silent basic needs domestically and professionally. Everyone wants to enjoy the convenience of driving a personal car rather than congesting in a public vehicle, waiting for the touts to collect enough money before being driven noisily to a destination.

There are several driving schools in Kenya, but to be the best on the wheel, you must attend the best driving school. Driving holds your life and that of your passengers, thus it is not a matter of trial but rather perfection.

After successful completion of the course and mastery of all the traffic rules, one should be issued with a driving license. Your school of choice should be able to guide you on how to obtain that license within the shortest time possible.

The best driving schools are as described below.

1. Petanns Driving School 

Over the years, Petanns driving school has maintained a good relationship with the clients and has produced some of the best drivers in east Africa, some of them being celebrities.

The school has branches in the CBD and in almost all the major estates in Nairobi incuding; Buru Buru, Umoja, Kayole, Ruai among others.

With not more than Ksh. 13000, one attends up to 30 lessons and intensive practical lessons.

2. Heltz Driving School

Heltz boasts of some of the best drivers in Kenya. The major offices are along Tom Mboya, just at the Sheikh building, though some branches are in the estates. They always strive to admit drivers in the schools nearest them.

For twenty in depth lessons, they charge only Kshs. 9,200.

3. Rocky Driving School 

It has also extended its branches in almost all the estates in Nairobi, and has about 5 branches within the CBD. Some of its branches are in the major towns like Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kitale, Thika, among others. It has existed for over 30 years.

Apart from the common vehicle classes, it also offers lessons for truck and heavy commercial drivers. Its trainers are always ready to go to the road and the only thing they are waiting for is you.

With Kshs. 9,500, one can get 20 driving lessons. What is the definition of being cheap?

4. Automotive Association of Kenya driving school

It started training divers during the colonial era and is believed to have trained some of the pioneer political and professional elites of Africa. The school is believed to be older than all Kenyan citizens as at 2020.

With its base in parklands, its services are not only limited to the stinking rich in Nairobi, but also to ordinary people. Most Nairobi estates have a branch of this ancient driving school.

AA Kenya 30 intensive lessons at less than Kshs. 16000.

5. Seniors Driving School 

From the name, one can guess the status of alumni of this driving school. It is known for faster processing of driving license to its clients.

With the major branch in the CBD, it has other branches in the busy estates of Nairobi like Kayole, Dandora among others. It is also popular along Thika road and south B.

6. Top Gear Driving School 

It is known for offering lessons in any driving niche. Be it truck/ heavy commercial or lighter classes of vehicles, TG will deliver to the satisfaction of the potential driver.

Its address is Tena estate, along Outer Ring road. To a great extent, employers look for graduates of TG, probably because of its rigorous training lessons.

For lighter commercial vehicles, its offer is 30 lessons for Kshs. 18000.

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7. Glory Driving School 

It is found along Murang’a road and offers a package of 15 lessons at less than Kshs. 12000.

8. Iqra driving school

It has been referred positively by those who have been associated with it. Its location is at Hurligham plaza.

9. Sony Driving School 

It is stationed at Mageso building  along Moi avenue, and has produced some of the most competent drivers in the city and beyond.

The fees are reasonable and any serious Kenyan can manage.

10. Wings Driving School

I’ts found along north- view road, in Urumathi building. They assist their clients to acquire a driving license and book NTSA. Their charges are affordable.

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