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The twenty first century will forever remain in the world books of history as the century that had the biggest strides in technology. The world in this century is experiencing a transition in purchasing, from known offline shops to unknown online stores, all thanks to E-money transaction services like PayPal and M-pesa and the invention of mobile phones. Almost 80% of the inhabitants of this world poses smart phones, making accessibility to online shops easier now than ever. Purchasing goods and services online has attracted a good number of persons since it saves so much time that can be used to do other more important activities. This invention began in America and has spread to other countries globally, Kenya not remaining behind.

Described below are the best online shopping sites in kenya.


Jumia boasts of being the most famous and the largest online market store in this east African country. It has stocked any good that a client may wish to buy. Building materials, plumbing materials, bags, shoes, foodstuffs, electronics among others are all served at Jumia.

Jumia has a major branch in Nairobi, with several other branches in many parts of the country, where clients can pick their goods after delivery. Deliveries within Nairobi are free but those up country depend on the distance from Nairobi. If you purchase at Jumia, be sure to get your merchandise within latest four days. Payment options are very flexible, including cash payments, visa card payments, or M-pesa payment options.


Kilimall shopping site is the second largest in Kenya after Jumia. Just like Jumia, kilimall trades in several merchandise to fulfill the desires of the client. It also has a strong and large customer base country wide. Among what can be bought here include clothes, mobile phones, electronic machines, cosmetics, among others.

Kilimall has many pick points throughout the country and delivers the consigned orders within a week.


This is an initiative of Safaricom. It deals in almost all goods that a client may desire. These include cosmetics, kitchenware, electronics, balls, sports equipment, among others. M-pesa, visa cards, pesa pal, are among the flexible payment options that this shopping site relies on.


This e-business website has over 200 shopping stores worldwide. It links local clients to larger shopping stores from other continents worldwide. This makes clients to obtain their desired goods at extremely cheaper prizes. Of all the benefits clients boast of, originality tops the list. The products are original and customers are given a free non-counterfeit guarantee. The merchandise takes a maximum of 2 weeks to reach their clients, depending on the source country.


Pigia me is a platform where sellers can advertise their goods and buyers connect to them within the website, relying on the contacts they leave there. Any property can be bought and sold here ranging from clothes, household goods, machines, mobile phones among others. However, the buyer must be very careful when dealing with the sellers.


Just like pigia me, olx is also a platform that allows sellers to post their goods for free and the consumers connect with them through the platform. The goodness with olx is that it deals with both brand-new and used items. Apart from the general goods, it also deals in land and agricultural products.  Being a user in olx demands that you create an account using your details.

It is advisable that buyers be very careful while dealing with sellers here since the intention of some sellers is not tolerable.


In the entire East Africa, cheki is popularly known for cars. It does both purchasing and vending of brand new and already used cars. For clients who cannot raise all the cash at once, it can organize with banks for cheaper loans that will not stress the clients.


From the name, this online shopping Centre specializes its deals in electronic machines. The electronics here are cheaper compared to what offline stores offer. The store also boasts of a variety of electronic products and modernity. Latest models of televisions, smart phones, stereo systems, home theatres, woofers, among many others are the goodies in this heaven sent store.

Claim the electronic that rightfully belongs to you by just one click.

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Physically, mimi is known far and wide for the latest trends in shoes, shirts, blouses, pants, and bother bodywear of all sorts and occasions. It takes into account all official and casual attires. To extend its customer base and increase its sales, mimi resorted to an online shop, delivering its attractive merchandise throughout the country, so long as the customer has ordered and paid through M-pesa, pesa pal, visa card or cash.


It is a unique shopping site since it even deals with flowers and gifts. Its customer base is not only limited to Kenya but also extends globally. Through this beautiful site, people abroad can gift their friends in Kenya and vice versa.

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