KLB Needs Extra Ksh. 1.5B To Print Books For Absent Learners

KLB Needs Extra Ksh. 1.5B To Print Books For Absent Learners

The Kenya literature bureau, KLB is needs ksh 1.5 Billion to enhance book production, in a five year strategic plan. In its projection, KLB will also contract about 30 new technical employees, to be deployed in various departments.

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This strategic plan was pushed by new developments experienced by the bureau. KLB managing director, Dr. Victor Lomaria cited the new government text book procurement model and one text book per child policy as the latest developments experienced by the bureau.

Since the inception of the government text book procurement policy, over 50 million books have been distributed to public schools by KLB. The government has even approved 92 % of the bureau’s titles for CBC grade five instructions.

KLB is determined to generate projected revenue of ksh. 14.8 billion if all the required resources are put in place. This is as per the 5 year strategic plan, which was launched last week.

KLB needs to invest ksh. 955 million on its printing press, ksh. 322 million for expansion of buildings, ksh 168 million for ICT infrastructure, and ksh. 74 million for support infrastructure.

Among the revenue projected sources for the bureau are; rental services, editorials, alternative printing services and development partners, donor agencies, open markets and sales printing.

Within the first year of implementation, KLB projects ksh. 2.7 billion,  in the second year, 2.billion, followed by annual generation of ksh. 1 billion for subsequent years.

Basic education PS, Dr. Belio Kipsang approved the KLB’s E-content, saying it will boost the services at the Kenya education cloud where only relevant curriculum content is hosted. ” The government will continue supplying books to school since books ensure a well educated and literate citizenry,” Kipsang stressed.

Among the challenges that KLB decries are; inflated importation costs and high cost of shipping printing materials.

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