KUCCPS Opens Portal For 2021 KCSE Candidates To Initiate Course and University Choices

KUCCPS Welcomes 2020 KCSE candidates For First Revision Of Courses, As MOE Releases New Placement Rules And Procedures For Degree, Diploma, Artisan and Craft Courses

At least 700,000 KCSE 2020 candidates will be placed in tertiary institutions by end of July.

On Monday,  Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha announced that the revision of course choices for placement to degree, diploma, artisan and craft courses had started and would end in July.(click here to start your course application.)To apply for KMTC COURSES, CLICK HERE.

Magoha said all the 143,140 candidates who scored C+ and above in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) would get placement in institutions of higher learning. Public and private universities have reported having 160,160 positions for new government-sponsored students, while colleges, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions announced 331,045 slots for Form Four leavers.

Diploma courses requirw C plain KCSE mean grade, Certificate courses require at least a D plain while craft courses require at least an E mean grade.

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“All the candidates who scored a mean of C+ or above will be absorbed in universities and TVET institutions of their choice. The remaining over 600,159 who are eligible will apply to various programmes in polytechnics and other technical training institutions,” said Prof Magoha

“The revision timeline will allow the institutions of higher education to admit the students in the new academic year beginning September 2021. I announce the government’s commitment to providing an opportunity for every student to pursue careers of their choice,”

On placement, the CS noted that the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) would be reopening its systems for new applications and to allow candidates to review the courses they had selected earlier.  “Candidates who were not able to apply for placement or wish to change will have the opportunity to submit their choices or review their applications.”

The CS noted that there had been a shift of mindset in admission into institutions of higher learning, with more students who score highly in KCSE opting to join technical institutions. “I was very happy with the 2019 examination cycle because some of the students who chose TVETs over universities had scores of A, and it was by choice,” he said. (click here to start your course application.)



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