Teachers’ Furious Reactions Towards Nancy Macharia’s Christmas 2020 Gift To Them

Teachers’ Furious Reactions Towards Nancy Macharia’s Christmas 2020 Gift To Them

 Teachers service commission CEO, Nancy Macharia, has gifted all teachers this festive season. Through the TSC website and TSC social media handles, Macharia sent a Christmas message to all teachers, their families and the secretariat staff.

“On behalf of the teachers’ service commission, I extend season’s greetings to all secretariat staff, teachers and their families. May this holiday be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity,” reads the message.

“I sincerely appreciate all secretariat staff and teachers for disseminating the covid-19 safety measures to the communities where they live and work…….I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year full of God’s blessings,” continues the message.

A section of Kenyans and teachers on twitter and other social media platforms have expressed their dissatisfaction with the ‘gift’, claiming that TSC has got more to offer to teachers, than just sending a message for a Christmas gift.

Ronald kosgei says, “In some other countries, teachers are held in high regard. In our country, it’s ‘mungu saidia’. Merry Xmas, nonetheless.”

  Hi…we have teachers whose responsibility allowance have not been remitted for three months despite them sending letters in the same. How can they be helped?” asks Chapia.

Abdul kareem  writes, “Very good for christians. But what about me, one of those many trs whose Hardship Allowance was stopped since April 2020 to date without even a clarification. Whereby to stop it took just minimum time possible but reinstating it is  yet after all those months. Very sad indeed.

 Mwangi mwengi gichuhi expects a friendly Macharia in the coming years. He says, “Hope coming year she will be friendly to teachers all year round, not only during holidays. Wish her happy holidays….

 Samuel Asingo wants TSC to work on their promotion criteria and to stop discriminating P1 teachers. “Madam please your team should review the promotions criteria. Current job group should not deter competent and qualified teachers from applying for the administrative post. 7 years with BEd. Over 18 years working experience as a P1 (B5). Still jogging in C1.

Zephania yego tweeted, “Merry Christmas. Ongezea walimu pesa.”

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Mark Oseno had this to tell TSC,” Just analysing to establish on a scale of 1-10 the employer employee relationship here. Dr Nancy mark oseno Macharia was once a darling to all teachers; other factors not withstanding, consider addressing what is being raised here. Merry Christmas too… I give you a 4.” Next

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  1. Thanks to our CEO for the gift. We need to appreciate it . however allow me put forward my reservations as follows:
    The TSC has done a wonderful job since iception and it’s bound to do more. My concern is drawn from the fact that under the cp why is it that a senior headteacher with a degree and a population of over 1000 learners does not earn the same as a principal with the same qualification in a secondary school? Or is that degrees owned by primary teachers are inferior to those held by secondary School teachers?


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