Webuye KMTC Branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake,Fees and Contacts
KMTC Webuye Campus entrance.

Webuye KMTC Branch History

Webuye KMTC Branch was established in the year 2005 under a partnership deal between the board of directors of KMTC, the local area community and the then area MP for Webuye East constituency.

The starting finances were dispatched by the CDF Board, Webuye East constituency. These funds were channeled towards the construction of classrooms, lecture rooms and a dining facility at Webuye KMTC Branch.

The CDF board of Kimilili constituency also authorized funds towards initiation of a computer laboratory at Webuye KMTC Branch, whose completion was later done by the Webuye East CDF board.

The municipal council of Webuye and the county service board of Bungoma also played a major funding role in funding the construction works at Webuye KMTC Branch.

The first cohort of trainees in a diploma course in clinical Med and Surgery was admitted at Webuye KMTC Branch in the year 2005, in the moth of October. They were about 85 students.

Two years later, Webuye KMTC Branch introduced a certificate course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing. This started with an initial enrolment of 40 students. The administrators at Webuye KMTC Branch introduced an upgrade diploma course for this programme in the year 2010.One year did not last before Webuye KMTC Branch introduced a diploma course in community health nursing.

In the year 2013, Webuye KMTC Branch started offering a certificate course in Health Records and Information technology.

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Webuye KMTC Branch location

Webuye KMTC Branch is located in Webuye town, directly opposite Pan-paper hotel and guest house, along Kitale-Webuye road.

Webuye KMTC Branch current Programmes

  • A Diploma course in Clinical Med and Surgery
  • A Diploma course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing
  • A diploma course in Enrolled Community Health Nursing
  • A certificate course in health records and information technology.

Webuye KMTC Branch Facilities

  • An all-purpose hall, that can host over 500 people
  • A well-organized Library, with the most current medical reference books and medical journals. It also has computers containing digital medical notes and videos, alongside a very fast internet connection.
  • A modern Skills laboratory, fully equipped for practical medical approaches.
  • Adequate hostels accommodating students of both gender, who are admitted at Webuye KMTC Branch.
  • A modern computer centre, with adequate computers, connected to a swift internet
  • Open wi-fi.

Webuye KMTC Branch Enrollment

Webuye KMTC Branch currently has over 200 students, and the enrolment is projected to rise during the next intake.

Webuye KMTC Branch Clinical Experience Facilities

The main clinical training facility for Webuye KMTC Branch students is the Webuye level V hospital, located just close to the college.

Other clinical training facilities approved for Webuye KMTC Branch students include: Mbale, Mosoriot, Sirisia, Cheptais, Naitiri ,Bokoli, Kabuchai ,Makunga and  Bumula level IV hospitals.

Webuye KMTC Branch Clubs and societies

  • Webuye KMTC Branch Christian union students
  • Webuye KMTC Branch catholic students’ association
  • Webuye KMTC Branch Muslim students’ association
  • Webuye KMTC Branch SDA students
  • Webuye KMTC Branch presidential award
  • Webuye KMTC Branch students’ representative council

Webuye KMTC Branch sports Teams

  • Webuye KMTC Branch volleyball teams for both gender
  • Webuye KMTC Branch football teams for both gender
  • Webuye KMTC Branch netball team foe ladies
  • Webuye KMTC Branch handball teams for both gender
  • Webuye KMTC Branch athletics teams for both gender
  • Webuye KMTC Branch indoor teams for badminton, table tennis, chess, scrabble and darts

Webuye KMTC Branch Contact Details

Postal address

The Principal,

KMTC Webuye Campus

P.O. Box 734-50205


Telephone number: 020-2574902/ +254722489341

Email: [email protected]

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