Machogu: We are Ready to Implement Education Reforms Proposals by PWPER

Don’t Chase Away Any First Year Student Over School Fees, Machogu Warns Universities and Colleges

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has said that all students who have received their admission letters should report to their respective institutions next week on Monday.

Appearing before the National Education Committee on Thursday, Machogu said no student should be chased away from school for lack of fees.

“All students will be admitted as we are processing the funding for first-year students,” Machogu said.

“We will be giving the universities the funds so that they don’t say that we are admitting first-year students without the funds.”

Machogu said they will be writing a circular letter to the universities to allow students to be absorbed in the institutions.

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This comes after MPs sought to know whether students will be allowed in their institutions on Monday, yet they haven’t received their scholarships or loans and have not paid fees.

In his response, Machogu said students don’t have to wait until they receive the scholarship or loans to report to school.

As of August 23, 75,272 students have applied for scholarships and loans.

“Only 30 per cent of university applicants have successfully applied for university funding days before the institution’s opening date,” he said.

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