Teachers Will Be Held Responsible If Learners Mess With Sanitisers: Magoha

Resign If You Want, Magoha Scolds a Junior Officer

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has once again publicly scolded an education officer after losing his temper. Magoha scolded the Rift Valley Regional Director of Education John Lekakeny for failure to supervise schools in Baringo County.

Magoha, who had on Monday, August 30, travelled to Baringo to follow up on the president’s initiative of 100 per cent transition to secondary schools, got angry because the county was lagging behind with 80 per cent transition rate yet Lekakeny had failed to notice the trend.

The angry CS told Lekakeny to resign and join politics if he cannot deliver.

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“If you want to resign and go into politics, do so now. I am telling you in public that I will not take it,” the CS remarked.

Magoha proceeded to demand that the officer be more present on the ground to ensure all the assigned tasks run smoothly.

Lekakeny, in his defence, explained that he was not available because he was overseeing how other counties were performing.

This statement made the CS very annoyed wondering why the regional education officer could be unaware that one of his counties was performing poorly.

“You are telling me you have not been to Baringo. Who is in charge of Baringo then?” The CS asked him.

One of the officers working with the regional officer tried to explain what he had been doing but the CS asked him to shut up.

While in Baringo, Magoha visited two houses and supervised the enrollment of four students into Kituro High School.

There was also the reopening of Salabani Primary Schools where classrooms had been destroyed by floods – disrupting learning.

This is not the first time that the CS has publicly blasted his subordinates in the Ministry of Education.

In 2020, the Public Service Commission (PSC) announced it had withdrawn the power to manage the human resource functions it had delegated to Magoha after he verbally insulted an elderly government official.

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