Vihiga High School students found with illegal drugs After Half Term Break

Authorities have confirmed that they have impounded illegal drugs from some students of Vihiga Friends Boys High School.

Authorities used sniffer dogs to conduct a search on the students who had just returned to school from midterm break.

The drugs were found concealed in pages of books, cans of peanut butter and packets of cakes. Authorities said some of the drugs were hidden along the school fence.

Some of the drugs that were seized include bhang and unidentified yellow tablets.

Upon resumption from midterm break, the students were unexpectedly subjected to a thorough security procedure courtesy of the school’s partnership with the police service dog unit popularly known as K-9 team.

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According to the security agency, the school’s principal invited the police dog unit to help them in screening students with a bid to prevent entry of outlawed products in the learning institution which have been blamed for the recent rise of indiscipline cases.

During the meticulous exercise carried out by the Nyanza Region K-9 team, several rolls of bhang and yellow tablets whose components couldn’t be substantiated on the spot were detected by the sniffer dogs. Several food products were also smoked out.

To show their unrivalled skill, the unidentified yellow tablets which were concealed inside pages of an exercise book were pulled out within no time, packets of pancakes, cans of peanut butter, and baked soya beans were also retrieved mercilessly.

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