End Of Mercy Karogo: KNEC Receives A new Chief executive officer

KNEC CEO: Exams Will Be Fair

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has promised 2022 KCPE, KCSE and KPSEA candidates that the tests will be fair and learners will be scored fairly.

Through a letter to candidates, Knec Chief Executive David Njengere warned that those who are caught will have their results cancelled.

In the letter dated November 1, Mr Njengere cautioned candidates not to be misguided by teachers or parents to engage in examinations malpractice.

“Every year, a few candidates get their examination results cancelled because of cheating. It is sad for a student to miss their examination results after learning for several years. However, no examination results can be given to a candidate who has cheated. Examination results are only given for a candidate’s own honest effort,” he said.

Njengere told the candidates in the letter that the council has devised ways of detecting exams malpractices.

“Knec is committed to making examinations fair for all candidates and has diverse and accurate methods of detecting those candidates who cheat during examinations. Candidates who cheat or are impersonated cannot be given examination results,” he said.

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He reminded the candidates cheating would attract stiff penalties, and urged them to report any cases to the exams body.

“Cheating will not help you. In fact, should anyone try to make you cheat or should you know of any other candidate involved in this bad practice, you must report this immediately. You are required to thoroughly read the last page of your examination timetable under the heading ‘penalty for examination irregularities’.”

Knec has already instructed supervisors, invigilators and candidates to strictly adhere to the time limit, and to ensure no examination papers are opened before the allowed time.

“The time allowed for each paper is indicated against the name of the paper and no extra time is to be allowed. Supervisors and invigilators should ensure that candidates are issued with personalised mark sheets that bear their correct names and assessment numbers,” the instructions read.

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