Lydia Nzomo’s Golden achievements at TSC, As She Retires

Lydia Nzomo’s Golden achievements at TSC, As She Retires

Nzomo took the oath of office in 2014 as the first person to chair the TSC, immediately after it was made a constitutional commission. TSC was constituted fully in March 2015, following the appointment of the chairperson and commissioners and their recruitment to serve.

Before becoming the TSC chairperson, Nzomo worked with the TSC in various capacities, including serving as acting TSC CEO. She also served as a council member of various agencies; Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, the Kenya Institute of Special Education, Kenya Education Management Institute, Kenya National Examinations Council, School Equipment Production Unit and Kenya Methodist University.

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With the end of her six year tenure, Nzomo has given a report on her exit to the TSC. In the report, she has stressed on resource mobilization, staffing, integrity, professionalism and strengthening research as the most critical areas that the commission should focus on.

Nzomo will take credit for the following pivotal achievements in the commission as she retires towards the end of November.

  • She spearheaded the introduction of Career Progression Guidelines, CPG, for teachers that were launched in November 2017, to replaced the schemes of service (SOS).
  • During her tenure,TSC rolled out performance contracting for institutional heads and the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) tools for teachers.
  • Nzomo was party to the signing and implementation of the first collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the teachers’ unions. This resulted to an end of continuous industrial actions and teacher strikes that would seriously paralyze teaching and learning in public schools in the past.
  • Her reign saw TSC implying very strong-arm tactics in dealing with ‘troublesome’ stakeholders like the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT.
  • She was at the fore front in rolling out the teachers’ medical cover, AON Minet.
  • During Nzomo’s tenure, the delocalization programme was enhanced, as a way of promoting national integrity. This saw various heads delocalized to schools in other counties. Most newly recruited primary school teachers were also affected.

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