MP Tells Teachers To Consider In-service Training To Fit Under CBC

MP Tells Teachers To Consider In-service Training To Fit Under CBC

Teachers have been told to embrace the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) because it is more skill-oriented than the abandoned old curriculum.

Bomachoge Borabu Constituency Member of Parliament Prof. Zadoc Ogutu has urged teaches to go for in-service courses to be conversant with the requirements of the new system as they need to adapt with time and equip themselves with the current technology to enable them remain relevant in the education field.

Quoting Darwin’s theory of ‘survival for the fittest,’ the MP asked teachers to work smart in order to gain confidence from their pupils.

” You must just go for in service training if you want to remain relevant in the education sector. things have changed and if you opt to remain the same, your services will not be required,” said the Mp to teachers.

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Ogutu urged teachers not to mind the cost of the trainings but to focus on the ultimate goal of being CBC compliant and fulfilling the demands of CBC.

The MP who is a former lecturer at Kenyatta University, advised pupils on cultivating good character from their formative years for a good future. He advised head teachers to be friendly to their pupils and teachers for the purpose of creating conducive learning environment.

Ogutu’s concerns come at a time when the competency based curriculum is facing sharp criticism from the public, with parents and teachers airing their complaints in the social media.

The complaints have attracted the attention of the law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi, who has promised to challenge CBC in court next week.

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  1. Teachers may require trainings but not for 30 years we are not so stupid we can learn within days weeks and months spare us the noise of retraining the content is the same only the approach is different and we can cope with the pace…


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