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BOM Teachers Ordered to Conduct Fresh TPAD Appraisals

Schools have been ordered by The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to add all Board of Management (BOM) teachers to the Teacher Performance Appraisal Development (TPAD) portal system. This implies that all BOM teachers will have to be added to TPAD afresh since they had been added initially.

At its inception, teacher appraisals through TPAD was a preserve of only TSC employed teachers. It was not until recently that TSC felt it wise to subject BOM teachers to appraisals. It started with instructing them through their heads, to fill the manual appraisals and attach in their files. When the online appraisals began, it emerged that teachers on board could not be registered in the teacher management information system, (TMIS), and thus could not take part in online appraisals. With the new turn of events, the teachers on board will be left with no options but to appraise themselves through the online system. It is worthy to preempt that they will also undertake lesson observations just like their TSC employed counterparts.

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The Commission activated the online appraisal system for term one to allow teachers to rate themselves.

Additionally, the teachers’ employer has archived all the previous filled and submitted appraisals to allow efficiency in its online system.

The Commission has further asked teachers to stick to the TPAD calendar of activities to ensure smooth appraisal process.

Nairobi TSC regional Director, Jane Njage, asked teachers to report technical hitches to the County TSC ICT officials to ensure success in the operation.

“Any technical issues should be channeled to ICT as it arises to ensure that all teachers are appraised and the county attains 100% compliance,” said Njagi in a memo.

Last term TSC listed approximately 18,000 teachers for failing to comply to TPAD terms and condition. The offences ranged from incomplete appraisal, pending appraisal, awaiting appraisal, or appraisal awaiting counter signing and more.

The Commission shared the lists with school administrators to inform the affected teachers of their offences so they can reply.

The teachers were required to fill an online questionnaire to show cause why they were unable to meet the TPAD deadline.

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