Why TSC Has Banned Current Interns From The Ongoing Internship Applications

Why TSC Has Banned Current Interns From The Ongoing Internship Applications

The Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC, has advertised 6,674 internship posts and invited qualified applicants to apply online. Among the 6,674 internship posts, 4,676 are for secondary schools while 1998 are for primary schools. The internship programme will last one year, beginning January 2021.

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To be eligible for application, an applicant must:

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Be a registered teacher with TSC.
  • Be a P1 Certificate holder for primary schools or a minimum of a diploma in education holder for secondary schools.
  • Have original academic and professional certificates
  • Must not have been a previous employee of TSC
  • Must not have served as an intern teacher with TSC
  • Must be ready to be posted in any school in any part of Kenya
  • Must have a personal accident insurance cover

Current interns are shocked as they have been banned from applying for the ongoing applications yet the stipend has increased from ksh. 10,000- ksh. 15,000 and ksh. 15,000-ksh. 20,000 in primary and secondary schools respectively. Current interns should relax for the Teachers’ Service Commission did not bar them in bad faith but in good faith.

Some of the possible reasons for barring current interns from the ongoing internship applications are:

  • TSC intended internship period for all unemployed teachers to be 12 months. After serving internship for 12 months, a teacher is qualified to be employed under permanent and pensionable terms. It is the intention of the Teachers’ Service Commission to ensure that newly employed teachers serve a 12 month internship period. Current interns have depleted their internship chances and are therefore awaiting permanent and pensionable employment.
  • Allowing current interns to scramble for the few slots with non interns would deny some registered teachers a chance of ever serving as an intern teacher yet TSC wants teachers to serve as interns, prior to being employed on permanent and pensionable terms.
  • The current interns have already scooped their 10 marks for internship and serving another internship period would mean they get 10 more marks in permanent and pensionable interviews. This would be far much disadvantageous to non interns since interns’ marks may surpass the impossible 100%.
  • 95% of interns, both in primary and secondary schools have been absorbed in permanent and pensionable terms and should start working in January. The remaining 5% will certainly win if they attend internship interviews. Absorbing them by TSC would not be a very big deal.
  • TSC intended to hire 12,000 interns but ended up hiring 6,674. May be this was a strategy to absorb the remaining 5% interns that failed to secure  under  permanent and pensionable employment

Incase you have trouble applying for the internship vacancies, simply contact 0710484410.

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  1. Not all candidates applied for the internship programme qualified… giving the interns a priority in this replacement interview is quite unfair…you are failing the commission maddam Nancy…you just don’t know how many unemployed teachers are out here…


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