Teachers to Upload schemes, notes and lesson plans in TSC provided E-mails

Teachers who declined To activate their TSC Outlook365 emails Barred from Wealth Declaration

Teachers who failed to activate their TSC emails are yet to receive more punishments with the teachers’ service commission (TSC) now blocking them from participating in the ongoing 2019-2021 wealth declaration exercise.

TSC maintains, through its circular on wealth declaration that teachers who refused to activate their office 365 emails will not declare their wealth, implying that they will be subjected to a fine of upto ksh. 1,000,000 according to the constitution.

This latest move has sent teachers who never activated their emails into panic mode, and a feeling of not knowing what to expect next.

“The declaration can only be accessed by individuals who have activated their official @mwalimu.tsc.go.ke email address. This will be vital for user credibility, setting, accessing, and resetting individual passwords for the declaration as applicable. A copy of the submitted declaration will automatically be sent to the teacher’s email,” reads a circular signed by Nancy Macharia.

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Teachers who never activated their emails have tried to access the wealth declaration portal with no success. Before 1ST November, they could access the site but could only see their non-editable past wealth declaration forms.

This time, even teachers who have served for less than a year are able to declare their wealth.

The TSC call for teachers to activate their emails started on 30th April 2021, but TSC only talked of punishing those who would fail to participate in the exercise, without mentioning the punishment, an omission that made some teachers to ignore the exercise.

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All TSC employed teachers, interns and heads were expected to activate their emails, with a projected move of migrating to digital data management rather than the traditional hard copy file management.

Heads of institution were also expected to open a separate email for head of institution, which would enhance continuity in case another head comes in.

The activation window for email activation elapsed and the teachers can not activate their emails now.

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